iRobot 202 Fine Debris Filter Bag for Verro Pool Cleaning Robot

Product Features

  • Captures debris as small as 2 microns
  • Reusable and easy to clean
New Price: $42.88
Old Price: $42.88

Product Description

Fine Particle Filter Bag for iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning Robots captures large and small debris – from dirt, hair, leaves, acorns and insects to silt, algae, bacteria, pollen and particles as tiny as 2 microns. How small is two microns? By comparison; the diameter of an average human hair is 70 microns. Talcum powder is 10 microns. And a red blood cell is 8 microns. To clean, simply remove it from the robot, empty contents, rinse, place back into the robot and secure the hook wires. It can also be machine washed. Designed for use with iRobot Verro Pool Cleaning Robots such as the Verro 100 Above Ground Pool Robot, Verro 300 and Verro 500. Also available: Verro 203 Large Debris Filter Bag

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