The Best Roomba to buy in 2018

What is the best iRobot Roomba model?

what is the best iRobot Roomba to buy in 2018?

Are you searching for the-best-Roomba-to-buy-in-2018? Robot vacuums enable you to clean your office faster and easier. When buying them, ensure you know how their features will make your work smooth and quicker. In this article, we’ll review ten models, which will make it comfortable for you to select the best ones.


One of the best Roomba to buy in 2018 is the iRobot Roomba (650 Robot) Vacuum. It provides you with several fantastic features that include sensors that navigate and adapt to your home cleaning needs. The result is a more relaxed cleaning experience.
It comes with a three stage-cleaning system that brushes, agitates and suctions your floors enabling you to enjoy a clean environment.
It automatically recharges and docks. Remember that this vacuum measures 3.6 inches tall, meaning it can fit under most kickboards and furniture. It adjusts to many floor types that include hardwood, tile, carpet, and laminate.



The iRobot Roomba (690 Robot) provides you with the ability to clean your home or office remotely. Using its IROBOT APP, which is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, you can ensure your place is clean. Additional features include:

  • It offers you a patented-stage cleaning system along with multi-surface (dual) brushes that pick small dirt and more significant debris, which means you will clean with less effort.
  • It’s incredible sensors, which can detect dirt in places such as high traffic zones make the Roomba work harder.
  • The robot uses its intelligent sensors top look for dirt around and under your furniture, which enables you to clean your floors.
  • The cleaning head of this Roomba 690 adapts its height well, ensuring you clean hard floors and carpets.



The iRobot (Roomba 960) Vacuum comes with an IROBOT APP, allowing you to schedule and customize your cleaning preferences using a Smartphone. This app is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Another reason why you should buy this device is it allows you to clean your entire home using the 2.0 NAVIGATION.

It can run for one hour and fifteen minutes automatically recharges and resumes cleaning since its powered by lithium ion.

It provides you with five times more cleaning power and its tangle free brushes ensure cleaning your pet is more comfortable and safe.


The iRobot (Roomba 980) ranks among the best Roomba to buy in 2018 for many reasons. For instance, the IROBOT APP allows you to schedule and customize your cleaning schedule from a Smartphone. The app is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Other factors that should make you buy this device are:


  • It lets you clean your office or home using the iAdapt (2.0 Navigation) with Visual Localization meaning you’ll enjoy a more leisurely cleaning experience.
  • You can use this robot vacuum for up 2 hours. The reason is it automatically recharges and starts cleaning your place.
  • Its cleaning system, AeroForce, with power boost lifts, loosens and suctions dirt using its ten times power.
  • The brushes let you clean your pet with ease since they are tangle-free.


The Roomba 890 lets you schedule your cleaning routine from anywhere using the IROBOT APP, which is compatible with both Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. Additional features are:

  • It’s powerful cleaning system that ensures dirt is removed with ease.
  • The Roomba 890 cleaning brushes are tangle free, which means you, can use this device to clean pet hair.
  • Intelligent sensors guide this robot, meaning your floors will be thoroughly cleaned.


The Roomba 860 is a must buy a device for you. That’s because its iAdapt Navigation applies sensors that navigate and understand your changing home, which provides you with relaxed cleaning experience. Other benefits of choosing this device are:

  • This vacuum uses cleaning system that provides you with an advanced cleaning performance.
  • Its tangle-free extractors ensure no clogging of debris and hair.
  • You can schedule it to clean seven times a week by pressing CLEAN on the robot.
  • Its lithium-ion battery lasts two times longer than other batteries.


The Roomba 652 is a budget-friendly device, which provides you with several beneficial features. For example, its multi-surface brushes ensure large debris and particles are picked up fast. Other features are:

  • The dirt detectors make the Roomba work hard to remove areas of dirt, for example, high traffic areas.
  • IRobot comes with intelligent sensors, which guide the robot around and under the furniture, which helps to clean your floor correctly.
  • Its cleaning head auto adjusts, meaning it can clean hard floors and carpets effectively.
  • One feature that makes the Roomba 652 to be the best Roomba to buy in 2018 is its cliff detection feature, which makes it avoid dangerous drop-offs and stairs.


The iRobot (Roomba 614) doesn’t need programming to function. Its other amazing benefits and features are:

  • Fantastic cleaning system and multi-surface brushes that can pick up small particle and large debris.
  • Detect sensors that enable the Roomba to work harder or surfaces with much dirt and intelligent sensors that let it work around furniture and floors.
  • The cleaning head, which adjusts automatically, makes easier for you to clean hard floors and carpets.


The Roomba 980 lets you customize your cleaning preferences on your Smartphone. Other fantastic features of this device are:

  • The AeroForce cleaning system enables you to clean your carpet efficiently. This vacuum automatically recharges, which means it can resume cleaning.
  • It also comes with a wall barrier along with batteries, a filter that is high efficiency and has extractors that remove debris and prevent hair clogging.



The Roomba 880 completes this review of the-best-Roomba-to-buy-in-2018. It’s designed to make sure you enjoy a more straightforward cleaning process. Below are it’s key features.

  • It comes with full sensors that navigate and adapt to any home.
  • It can clean up to three rooms, meaning you’ll clean your home with less effort.
  • The Roomba 880 ensures you enjoy a cleaning performance that’s 50% more accurate.
  • The highly efficient filter traps fine dust and dirt, which means your home will be an excellent place to be.


The above ten reviews of the-best-Roomba-to-buy-in-2018 should make it comfortable for you to choose the best Roomba vacuum for you. Make sure you compare the above features to know which model suits your needs.


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